talks talks [tɔːks ǁ tɒːks] noun [plural]
formal discussions between governments, organizations etc:

• Talks are continuing about lifting trade restrictions.

discussions between management and workers about the amount the workers should be paid:

• The last round of pay talks broke off with the two sides only a percentage point apart on the salary increase.

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talks [plural]
GOVERNMENT, MANAGEMENT, HR serious and formal discussions on an important subject usually intended to produce decisions or agreements: »

contract/merger/takeover talks


The latest round of talks ended today.

begin/have/hold talks »

We held talks with the union about pay increases.

in talks »

The two companies are in talks about a merger.

talks about sth »

The studio broke off talks about a movie distribution deal.

talks between sb »

Talks between the two nations have resulted in a new trade deal.

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